Sub Command

Secure, Reliable Power and Data Backup

Electric Substations play a vital role in our society and touch every aspect of our lives. The vulnerability of our power grid and telecommunications infrastructure is demonstrated during every natural disaster, storm, cyber-attacks, and acts of terrorism.

Sub Command is a turnkey solution which provides backup communication, power, and monitoring for critical substations. Sub Command allows operators to securely access and communicate with remote substations during times of distress. Data is transmitted between the substation and control center via secure satellite network and the equipment provides backup power to critical field equipment indefinitely due to solar charging.


Managment, Security , Monitoring

Hydroelectric dams, unlike substations may be easily accessible by the general public and offer an immediate threat to local citizens if compromised. Most dams are in remote areas and occupy a large area. To effectively monitor and survey multiple disparate systems in challenging terrain without access to infrastructure, power, and communication can be a daunting task. As part of an effective dam safety and security plan operators need to be aware of, unauthorized access, breach, current operating status, visual verification of site conditions, and access to assets onsite.

Gotham provides dam owners and licensees with the opportunity to quickly deploy a monitoring and security system which incorporates sensor, visual images, and remote access to critical assets.

Sun Command

Command the sun

By nature, solar farms are generally located in remote areas where cellular communication and Internet access are limited or non-existent. This poses a significant challenge since operators need to be constantly aware of efficiency and production data. As most solar installations are attached to a Power Purchase Agreement with a utility, operators need to also maintain proper production metering data.

Gotham provides solar operators with a reliable method for remote access and monitoring of solar farms. Monitoring can be applied to the meter, inverter, and combiner box for string level data. Gotham is also working on novel technology for cost effective panel data.

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