Technology is changing the way we address challenges within the global agriculture market. It comes as no surprise that our population is growing but the land mass to produce our global supply of food remains the same. Farmers, food scientist, and seed producers are looking to technology increase yields, accelerate production, and maximize land use. As the market adopts these new practices the NGO's (Non-Governmental Organizations) are advocating for tighter supply chain traceability and sustainable processes. At Gotham, we have solutions to support every initiative from farm to retail.

Precision Agriculture

Powerful Data at your finger tips.

With the demand for food increasing and the land mass remaining the same we have to look for more effective ways of producing food. There have been numerous advancement in seed technology, fertilizer, and growing techniques. While these methods are valuable and can lead to increased yield, the crops and contributing parameters still need to be monitored and analyzed for optimal performance.

The Gotham platform can assist with the collection and analysis of soil health, real-time weather, water quality, maintenance schedule, crop maturity, and equipment status.

Fire Detection - Deforestation

Detect and manage harmful events.

For generations the fastest way to clear vast amounts land for agricultural use has been burning. In 2014, after Singapore suffered the most significant haze and air pollution, it drafted and adopted the Tansboundary Haze and Pollution Bill. The pollution was linked to Palm Plantations and Pulp Paper forests in neighboring Indonesia. This new legislation, which can lead to millions in fines has caused a stir among palm community and has created a demand for technology which can identify, manage, and track incidents for viable defense and proactive actions.

Current approaches to tackle these issues remain reactive and can result in may hectares of damage before the situation is realized and under control. Gothams platform is proactive and can enhance any existing system.


Powerful Data at your finger tips.

Many of the worlds palm producers have committed to 100% traceability and transparency of its supply chain by 2020. Among the biggest challenges facing these companies is a standardized method of collecting and communicating with geographically disparate sources effectively.

Gotham provides the means of tracking and facilitating communications between equipment, vehicles, and personnel. We have the ability to go from sensor to distribution.