A Solution For All

Alpha platform

Our Alpha Platform is an all encompassing solution which consists of simple integrated ground sensors, power management, proprietary local wireless protocol, robust data analysis, and optional remote access using satellite networks.

Gotham Alpha Network

A network dedicated to agriculture, farming, and horticulture

Gotham Alpha Cloud

A central repository for data, analysis, and notifications

Alpha Node

Ground sensors to collect field-data and post to our cloud

A complete end-to-end solution optimized for efficiency and simplicity but flexible enough to adapt to a variety of requirements. Configurable for soil type, depth, moisture level, and location.

With the inclusion integrated satellite coverage we can offer service where others cannot. While other solutions are dependent on local cellular connections which can vary in cost and reliability by geography, our solution is delivered at a fixed cost and highly deterministic behavior. Our experience has shown that satellite service can be cost effective and competitive to cellular if implemented properly.


There have been many advancements in home-automation, irrigation, and crop management systems. Solution providers generally focus on one facet of the problem and the user is faced with integrating or augmenting with other technologies.

At Gotham we focused on developing the infrastructure to support robust monitoring systems and then incorporated sensors, data analysis, and other application specific features.

The end result is self-sufficient platform that can be deployed rapidly and cost effectively with a high probability of success.

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