About Us

Founded in 2007, Gotham Analytics is a New Jersey based company which offers unique communication and monitoring technology solutions for a variety of market applications. Our self-sustaining solar technology enables customers to monitor, track, control, and communicate with remote assets globally without the need for grid power.

Gotham Analytics operates in markets that require monitoring, machine-to-machine, and consumer communications in approximately 90% of the world that is beyond the reach of standard infrastructure, including reliable cellular and Internet connections. The Gotham Analytics solution uses 100% satellite connectivity and novel power management technology to offer an off-grid alternative that is more reliable than traditional infrastructure. The technology can provide coverage in key areas with very little installation time and is compatible with most existing systems. Our mission is to provide connectivity to remote assets and personnel where existing infrastructure cannot reach.


Gotham Analytics, is a full service engineering and systems integration company with the ability to take an idea from concept to market. In almost a decade of successful field deployments we have focused our product offering to address a few key areas with off-the-shelf solutions.


Traditionally, companies that wish to deploy remote monitoring systems are faced with several challenges which include dependable communication, reliable power, and interfacing with disparate equipment, and analytics.

At Gotham we examined each of these requirements as a separate subsystem and engineered the most efficient solution with the intent of combining them for a highly reliable system.

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